Confused by the whole Real Ale thing? You’re not the only one. Although we get plenty of beer enthusiasts through the doors, we also get plenty of visitors who don’t know their Blonde Ales from their IPAs. So, if you need a bit of help you get your head around it all, here’s our Victoria Inn Brewhouse guide.

Pale Ales

For a refreshing pint with a touch of bitterness and a crisp, clean finish, you can’t beat a good Pale Ale. Nicely balanced and delightfully hoppy, Pale Ales are a brewer’s favourite. Styles can vary, although a good general guide is that British Pale Ales tend to have an earthier flavour, with the New World varieties favouring a lighter, fruiter taste. At the Brewhouse, we’ve come up with a cheeky little trio that take inspiration from both home and abroad. 

Our Fine & Dandy Pembrokeshire Pale Ale is an affectionate nod to Welsh brewing traditions. The fruit forward Mosaic is named after the variety of hops that give it its refreshing tropical notes. And for something a bit different, our silky-smooth Just Peachy New England style ale has plenty of character imbued by the oat malt used in the brewing process. 

Blonde Ales

These straw-gold wonders are perfect for cooling down on a hot summer’s day. Less fruity than Pale Ales, Blonde Ales are light, crisp, dry and refreshing. With a only a touch of sweetness and delicate hop flavour they’re a good choice for anyone who isn’t keen on a malty pint. 

An homage to warm August evenings relaxing with friends on golden sands, our charismatic Beach Blonde Ale is the Pembrokeshire Coast in a bottle

Amber Ales

If you want an easy-drinking ale that slips down a treat, an Amber Ale will never let you down. Full-bodied, smooth and audaciously malty, these darker, richer beers put hairs on your chest and a twinkle in your eye. The beguiling balance of bitter and sweet is what makes Amber Ales such a popular pint. With its lingering malty finish and plenty of personality, our NewgAle Amber Ale is a big hit in the bar and with online customers.


While it might be similar in appearance to a traditional English Pale Ale, an IPA (Indian Pale Ale) is basically a hoppier, boozier version. There are a variety of styles out there and the good news is brewers are continually pushing the creative boundaries. Here at the Brewhouse we opted for our WayOutWestIPA American inspired IPA, bursting with classic West Coast citrus-forward aromas and flavours. Distinctive, fruity and devilishly tasty, it’s got bags of character and kicks like a mule.


When a light, refreshing beer just won’t cut it, a dark, rich, no-nonsense Porter definitely will. The malted barley used in the brewing process is what gives this singular drink its deep, inky colour and glorious malty sweetness. It’s a pub classic and definitely not something we could miss out of our Real Ale range. Our Victorian era inspired Resolution Porter has all the classic hallmarks of a traditional Porter – richly malty with notes of roasted coffee, hints of chocolate and a long, smooth, complex finish. 

Explore our Real Ales

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